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“”…Rape was given the dignity of the male fundamental right in Vedic literature in which any female was necessary to post on the desire of a satyr of Vedic society. She need to be thrashed by hand or stick if she refuses a man’s desire and will …be subjected to brutality of rape like a punishment for refusing The person, states the seventh hymn of the 4th Brahmana beneath the sixth chapter of Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

Jab hum ne unse pooncha, Sapnna kya hota hain to unhone kaha, Bandh aankhon mein jo apna hota hain khuli aankhon mein wohi sapna hota hain.

usse dekhnein ki jo lo lagi usse dakh Hello lain ga hum.Woh hazar aankh se doorway sahi woh hazar parda nasheen sahiBy haseeb jalal saans tak nahin laita hain hum saans tak nahin laita hain hum tum ko soochtay waqt.Is kaam ko bhi hum ne kal for every utha rakha hai.Rooth jate ho tu kuch aur haseen lagte ho.hum ne is liye tum ko khafa rakha haiBy haseeb jalal jis samt bhi dakhoon lagta jis samt bhi dakhoon lagta hai k tum ho.aye jan-e-jahan yeh koi tum sa hai k tum ho.

Is dil ko kisi ahat ki aas rehti hai,nigah ko tumhari surat ki pyas rehti hai,hame tere bin kisi cheeze ki kami to nahi,mger tere bina zindagi udaas rehti hai.

You may marvel why Christians are going throughout the world to preach the Dwelling Word of God and trying to obtain them to Christ – adhering to is among the principal motives for this, amid many other Similarly crucial motives (Following could be the instruction by Jesus Christ, just before He ascended to Heaven):

Ek chotasa dil milna chahtahe tere dilse, us dilme hai chota chota bohot sare sapne. Tere dila siba uska sapne adhura hai, ab baas tere dilka intezer hai. : Nayel

O men and girls! A scholarly female who's got practiced or teaches just one, two or 4 Vedas or four Vedas and 4 upavedas, along with grammar, etymology etcetera and spreads awareness to total world and removes ignorance of people is source of happiness for full world. A woman who studies and teaches all elements of Vedas brings progress to all human beings

Hur dil ke dharkan mein koe baat hoti hai. Hur udas zindigi me kisi ke yad hoti hai. Tumhain pata ho na ho tumhari Hur khushi k peche humari (dua) hoti hai. Mukhoji

karo na plz karo na jaldi karo na plz karo na jaldi karo na mughe acha lage ga 1 barhamare payar ki khatir karo na kisi ko pata nahin chale ga plz sirf 1 acha sa sms kero na plz prince

six And God said, Enable there be described as a firmament within the midst of your waters, and Allow it divide the waters from the waters.

Tujhe dekhe bina get more info teri tasweer Tujhe dekhe bina teri tasweer bana sakta hoon, Tujhse mile bina tera haal bata sakta hoon,

1 Day a monkey kicked a sarder on his back and operate absent.Sarder operate to capture him and locate a zebra in the sector.Sarder kicked the zebra on his back and said " Salla Trackshut pahenke dhoka de raha tha..."Deb Sankar

1. Lord Parashuram desroyed the Kshatriya clan quite a few times. In historic times the castes brahman, Kshatriya, vaishya and sudra have been based on not being born in the family of that caste, but According to his/her qualities and actions.. Thats why bhagavad Gita states Chaturvarnyam maya srishtam Guna karma vibhagasha:.

Yaad mein teri aankhe bharta hai koi, har saans ke saath tujhe yaad karta hai koi, maut to sachai hai aani hai, lekin teri judaai mein har roz marta hai koi....! You r my sweet SONA,

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